IMG_3200During a beautiful fall day, my family and I took a walk through the grounds of Gillette Castle in Connecticut. As we tend to do, my mother and I got lost in chatty conversation and my fiance walked up ahead of us. By the time we caught up to him, he had perfectly framed himself in the light pouring through this bridge. At the time, I only had my crappy little point-and-shoot, but I was still so glad I had it!


Empire State Shadow

EmpireShadowTaken with old point-and-shoot.

From atop the Empire State Building. I love how this iconic building is recognizable just by its shadow.

Sun kissed


Washington Sunset

WASunsetOne of my favorite things to do during our trips to Yakima, Washington is to go for drives. This was a shot I snapped from the passenger seat.

Tomorrow Never Knows

“Love is all and love is everyone”

A Moment With Rose

AMomentWithRoseDuring a much anticipated summer trip to Yakima, Washington, my fiance brought me to this park near his parents’ home. As we stood on the bridge that overlooked this beautiful view, he shared a very personal memory with me about a spiritual moment of connection with someone he had lost years before. He and I stood on the bridge for a while in peaceful silence, and I couldn’t help but feel that there were three of us there in that moment.

The Sisters