It’s The Little Things

PollockThe first time I noticed it, I was sitting on the bench in front of the painting, letting myself be hypnotized by the controlled chaos of the large canvas. I was admiring how much depth could be felt by the use of only five colors, when suddenly my gaze drifted across it. I rubbed by eyes thinking that maybe I’d been staring for so long that my eyes were playing tricks on me. But when I got up and walked closer, there it was! A sixth color about the size of the tip of a pinky finger: a single red drip. A hidden gem. I laughed out loud, feeling like in some funny way Pollock was smiling back at me through that little dot.

6 Comments on “It’s The Little Things

  1. Number Thirty

    To my eyes all the black and the white and the brown swirl around
    And the turquoise pop up now and then as they sound
    Like the whales they do mimic and surface to gasp
    Or the hide and seek children peeking out from their task

    How the silence surrounds while you perch on the vinyl
    No actions peripheral tear your eyes from the final
    Perusal of forms that you’ve studied for years
    Raining down like your thoughts, all as drops, all as tears

    Not surprising how familiar each squiggle, each inch
    You could make a facsimile one eye closed in a pinch
    So the notion of five colors turns my brain hazy
    Have to check to make sure that I’m not going crazy.

    So I get down and crawl on my hands and my knees
    To the voices of docents now yelling: “Ma’am, Please!”
    Ignoring conventions throwing rules out the door
    Just have to confirm it, as I crawl on the floor

    My nose but an inch from the canvas I see
    That in truth “IT IS THERE!” but now how can that be?
    A tiny red drop, a forensic detail
    That I’ve missed all these years and all due to its scale

    Then amazingly, softly, yet clearly I hear
    A giggling voice right up next to my ear
    “I was wondering how long it would take you to see”
    “Come back soon… see you then… my regards, PJP”

    • AHH!!! LOVE!! Did you write that? Who do I have to beg at the MET to put that beneath title/artist/date on the info plaque next to the painting!?

  2. Hey, I love this Pollock too. Although I always wander back to my Monets and van Goghs. I went to the Met today to see the new sculpture exhibit! Carpeaux at the Met : Sculptural music in marble. I wrote a review on my blog :

    • Tejas – thank you for the link, nice post on Carpeaux! I loved the exhibit too, really enjoyed the space the MET created for it. Funny, we’ve probably crossed paths in the Impressionists wing :), Monet is one of my all time favorites. MoMA has the primo spot for sitting with the water lillies mural!

      • MoMA for me doesn’t attract the same variety / spread of artistes though. We probably did cross paths! I’m going back to the Met this weekend 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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