Natalie Artemyeff is a photographer living in Brooklyn, New York.

“All the technique in the world
doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice.”
Elliott Erwitt

When did you discover your passion for photography?
During a year I worked in the MoMA’s bookstore. I was always wandering off from my work to get lost in the photography collection. I identified with how the photographers saw the world, their ability to notice that preceded their ability to use a camera. It was that year that I realized I was a photographer without a camera.

If you had to name just one photographer that has most influenced you, who would it be?
Edouard Boubat.

What do you shoot with?
I use a Nikon D5100 that I call “Sidney.” I switch between a 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX prime lens and a 67mm that was my father’s.

Why “Sidney”?
My camera came into my life during a very dark period of loss. Personally, working with the camera has been an experience of self-actualization; it’s been therapeutic. It felt fitting to name it after Dr. Sidney Freedman, the trusted psychiatrist from the television series M*A*S*H.

How do you feel about Photoshop/post-production?
It can be a really useful tool, but I also think it tends to be over-used. I’m more interested in capturing what is real than what can be manipulated.

[Re: Photography] What do you look forward to next?
Whatever’s next! I love new opportunities for creativity and capturing something special.


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