It’s The Little Things

PollockThe first time I noticed it, I was sitting on the bench in front of the painting, letting myself be hypnotized by the controlled chaos of the large canvas. I was admiring how much depth could be felt by the use of only five colors, when suddenly my gaze drifted across it. I rubbed by eyes thinking that maybe I’d been staring for so long that my eyes were playing tricks on me. But when I got up and walked closer, there it was! A sixth color about the size of the tip of a pinky finger: a single red drip. A hidden gem. I laughed out loud, feeling like in some funny way Pollock was smiling back at me through that little dot.

The Twins

_DSC0073One of these two would grow up to be the shadowy archer in yesterday’s photo.

Presence Through Absence


Happy Birthday, Rodin!

Eternal SpringToday is Auguste Rodin’s 173rd birthday. Rodin felt as though many of his works, particularly his marble pieces, were already hidden inside each chunk of stone and that his purpose was to “uncover” or “find” them. As a photographer the world is like my chunk of rock, and I use the camera to pull things and people into focus that were hidden there all along.

Cupid Psyche


Temple of Dendur reflecting pool, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Every New Yorker has a few places in the city where they go to think, to reflect, to ground themselves, to have a moment of meditation.

Self Portrait

My Many PiecesTaken with old point-and-shoot.

Is a person ever truly whole? Can you ever really see a person’s entire being in clear focus? Are we not all fractured pieces, often reflective pieces? Or maybe I just need a new mirror.