A Milestone

Hard to believe it’s here…my 100th post. And, coincidentally(?), the one-year anniversary of the tragedy that inspired the creation of this blog. Mourning and death are important, should not be taboo; they have the power to clarify life. This blog is about life. From Andrea Gibson’s poem, Titanic:

Have you ever had the feeling that you owe somebody somewhere
a really good reason to live?
To grow old?
To be ninety-eight-and-a-half
with a laugh like broken glass
so whenever folks walk barefoot
they’ll get hidden pieces embedded in their souls?

In my grief, I’ve selfishly felt that that owed “somebody somewhere” has been me. While I wanted to share this space in the hopes that maybe once in a while it might inspire or brighten someone’s day, I started it more for myself as a form of grief therapy. As a collection of “really good reason[s],” so that I’d always be focused on and hunting for them, and so that whenever I needed to I could come here and be reminded of them. And because for a very long time I said that before I died I would buy my dream camera to capture and share the reasons to “Why did Rumi dance?”

Here’s to 100 posts.

To every day and life that I am so blessed to experience.

And especially to you, Daryl, for the loving encouragement you always gave me to live, and for the many lives you touched, inspired, and continue to influence with your beautiful soul.



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