A Kiss

The KissThis summer, I was blessed with the experience of attending a Quaker wedding in Rhode Island. The ceremony was held at the end of a pier on the shore. As is traditional with Quaker weddings, the various parts of the ceremony emerged unintroduced from extended moments of silence. I liked that element very much. I found it to be a genuine reflection of how many things in life happen without introduction, unexpectedly emerging out of our personal periods of silence, meditation and reflection. After the ceremony, the guests wandered along the pier and I noticed this couple take a seat at the edge. I watched them as they sat looking out at the view without saying a word to each other. Then suddenly out of the silence, the woman leaned over to offer a kiss.


650amAs an early commuter for a few years, I was privy to the morning riders on the trains that crossed the Manhattan Bridge. My favorite moment during those rides was when the train would emerge from the tunnel. The cars would suddenly flood with morning light.

Self Portrait

My Many PiecesTaken with old point-and-shoot.

Is a person ever truly whole? Can you ever really see a person’s entire being in clear focus? Are we not all fractured pieces, often reflective pieces? Or maybe I just need a new mirror.


PistolHe loves attention and loves a good cuddle. He also loves a good surprise attack, you never know when he’ll turn on you. I was thrilled to capture his personality in this imagine as he investigated Sidney.

“Second star to the right”

2ndStarToTheRightChildren wear their emotions on their sleeves and exude raw feelings and curiosity. They can still believe in magic.




DSC_0201A matter of weeks after DOMA fell. 2013 NYC Gay Pride Parade.