La Reina

La Reina


Sleeping Beauty


Little Roo

Little RooOur first cat, Roo. She and I have a very special relationship. I often comment on how expressive she is and the way I’ve learned to understand her just by the look on her face.

Friday the 13th

Friday The 13thStevie being spooky for Friday the 13th. As a child, I swore that when I grew up I’d always have a black cat. I love/d their association with witchcraft, the supernatural, and superstition. This wild child of ours certainly lives up to some of that, as there is something uniquely devilish about him despite his endless ability to love and cuddle.


StevieWhen my Nikon showed up at my door, I felt as though the stork had delivered my baby. I’ll never forget lifting it out of the box and holding it up thinking…I’ve been dreaming of you. I knew it would take time to get to know it, but first I needed to make sure it, and the lens I’d bought for it, simply worked. So, I loaded it all up and walked into our bedroom where our cat Stevie was napping. We joke that Stevie is our “wild child.” He was a rescue and has been a lovable little terror compared to our first cat (Roo). I crouched down by the side of our bed where he was sitting in a Sphinx pose and asked him, “Wanna pose for me?” Just like that, he rolled onto his side and I took my very first photograph with the friend I would come to call Sidney.


PistolHe loves attention and loves a good cuddle. He also loves a good surprise attack, you never know when he’ll turn on you. I was thrilled to capture his personality in this imagine as he investigated Sidney.