Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

Serenity2013 was a special year for the LGBTQ community, when DOMA fell just a matter of days before Pride weekend. At the Pride parade, I moved my way up through the sidelines of the uproariously celebratory route and ended up next to an enthusiastic little family. During a lull between marching parade groups, one of the parents smiled at their family, then so tenderly rested backward with closed eyes. Serenity.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

Twinkle“As your bright and tiny spark,
Lights the traveller in the dark.
Though I know not what you are,
Twinkle, twinkle, little star.”

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

MinimalistAbout a month ago, my cousin and her now husband got married at a campground in the woods in a very Do-It-Yourself wedding. They stripped down the elements of the wedding, nixed all of the unnecessary frills, and kept the focus on their relationship and their growing together in love. They were my inspiration for photographing their rings.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sign

Of LifeIfAtFirst

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

TheViewerThe stolen glances.

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