Temple of Dendur reflecting pool, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Every New Yorker has a few places in the city where they go to think, to reflect, to ground themselves, to have a moment of meditation.

Hello, Autumn


Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

HorizonThe view from our roof. It never ceases to take my breath away.

Brooklyn Beauty



PalimpsesticPal·imp·sest  (plmp-sst)


1. A manuscript, typically of papyrus or parchment, that has been written on more than once, with the earlier writing incompletely erased and often legible.

2. An object, place, or area that reflects its history

Empire State Shadow

EmpireShadowTaken with old point-and-shoot.

From atop the Empire State Building. I love how this iconic building is recognizable just by its shadow.

Washington Sunset