Between The Notes

Between The NotesThree years ago it snowed in the morning. At the cemetery, while watching my grandmother for the 21st March touch the stone, I had a thought about how elephants walk vast miles to return to touch the bones of their loved ones. Later that night, you braided my hair and said you didn’t want me to cut it. I told you my secret, then you told me yours. We talked into the witching hour and listened to all of In Rainbows, before you were lost between the notes.





In The Distance

InTheDistanceBoulders can be overcome. Try not to lose complete focus of what is in the distance.


SunsetSelfieWho are you?

Sometimes we are a reflection, sometimes we are a shadow, sometimes we are creators, and sometimes we simply stand in between what the universe creates through/with us.

The Birds That Choose To Swim

TheBirdsBWI love these birds that tell Mother Nature, “You cannot limit us to only the air. We choose to dive into the unknown.”

Into The Sun