The Birds That Choose To Swim

TheBirdsBWEach time we make a trip to Washington state, one of our stops is usually a ride on the Puyallup ferry to visit the grandparents. I love this ride. The view of Puget Sound is always beautiful, especially when the weather is clear enough to see the Olympic mountains and Rainier. And when the weather isn’t so cooperative (winter), I still love to watch the birds. Specifically, the diving grebes. These sleek birds congregate by the dozens near the pier, disappear beneath the water’s surface, then pop up an impressive distance from where they dove. Some of them stand on the wooden posts of the pier with their wings fully extended to dry off, kind of makes them look like they’re waving to the ferry. But I love these birds that tell Mother Nature, “You cannot limit us to only the air. We choose to dive into the unknown.”


4 Comments on “The Birds That Choose To Swim

    • The ferry system we rode where this picture was taken is the Kingston Ferry line; the name of the specific ferry boat that we rode was called the Puyallup. Definitely failed when my father-in-law pointed to the name on the boat and asked me to pronounce it (for you non-Seattleites who are curious, it’s pronounced Pew-AL-up). And I thought we had funny names for places in New York!

      • I lived in Puyallup for the past 15 years, so yes it is funny when Kid Rock plays the Washington State Fair (used to be the Puyallup Fair) and tries to pronounce Puyallup. And if that was the name of the boat, ok then, my bad.

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