ChildhoodCamera rested on the railing, it shook with their energy.
The way older bones feel remembering echoes of childhood.


Strong Women

WomensDay2017Wear patriarchy as war paint in the fight for equality. The voice is power.

Monday Blues: The Waves

the-waves“Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.”
Publilius Syrus

To ask for help when the waves are rough is to exemplify the understanding of strength in numbers. Armed services members who have survived the most unthinkable distress will tell you it’s ingrained throughout all of their training that when overwhelmed, you call for back up and utilize the power of the team. A response that when applied to mental health can be just as life-saving for those who feel they are emotionally drowning.

If you or someone you know is in need of help,
or to learn more about depression, warning signs, and treatment options,
call or visit the National Suicide Lifeline:



La Ventana De Paz

La Ventana#LaPazEsElCaminoColombia

“Peace Is The Way”: A worldwide art homage for peace in Colombia. This week in occurrence with the Nobel Peace Summit in Bogotá, apolitical artists of all mediums from around the globe (178 artists from 42 countries, so far!) are invited to participate in activities and share art they have created in honor of Colombia’s journey toward peace.

This photograph (“The Window Of Peace”) is my contribution, shot last year in Colombia.
Committing to peace creates a window of opportunity in any wall.

La Energía


Let It Burn