Lady By The Lake

Lady By The Lake

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  1. Lady By The Lake

    A deep and quiet forest I did come to having left the empty street
    How the treble sound of leaves and twigs kept crinkling under hurried feet
    Was I wrong to be so worried, was I making such a fuss
    Over feelings and emotions that have never been discussed?
    What I need is counsel, better yet a welcome ear
    Deeper understanding of the things that I hold dear
    Who will offer such a respite, with no offer in return?
    Can this roiling be relieved at all, extinguish mental churn?

    Upon a sylvan pond I stumble having left the trail behind
    All that still and crystal water a Siren’s song inside my mind
    “Come and share my secrets, come and share your thoughts
    Surely your feet weary and your brain is overwrought
    I have been so empty, waiting for a friend
    Somehow knew you’d answer if the right thoughts I would send
    I will ease your anguish, all your doubts I will erase,
    Sit a timeless moment… and relax… and slow your pace”

    Reclined upon a rock to catch my breath and contemplate this peaceful stand
    And then reaching towards the water, mirrored back is an extended hand
    “Oh what weight you carry, I can feel the strain
    Let it slip forever deep, rid yourself of pain”
    How the soothing water felt, as though a healing balm
    I felt the tensions easing so overcome with calm
    Sensing I should stay right there and salve my errant mind
    Stress and tensions ebbing, ah… the love…, the peace I find

    • Slayed. That poem is beauty!!! As are the sweet memories from that special time and place. Hehe, I love you, when we’re both old and there’s a decent collection of these pairings we can publish a combo photo-poetry book called “Father-Daughter Duets” ;D ❤

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