Monday Blues: What You Make Of It

CraftAll depends on you.

If you or someone you know is in need of help,
or to learn more about depression, warning signs, and treatment options,
call or visit the National Suicide Lifeline:

2 Comments on “Monday Blues: What You Make Of It

  1. I’m Only Paper

    I am blue
    it is true
    if you fold me
    I can do
    Strange things to your mood
    Without involving food

    Place a bend
    I will send
    good vibrations
    that will tend
    To remove the sad
    Dose bouquets of glad

    There’s no need
    to use speed
    only try
    to succeed
    Love it when you smile
    Make it last a while

    You can yearn
    you can burn
    you can choose to
    lose or learn
    Know that it is true
    “It all depends on you!”

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