StevieWhen my Nikon showed up at my door, I felt as though the stork had delivered my baby. I’ll never forget lifting it out of the box and holding it up thinking…I’ve been dreaming of you. I knew it would take time to get to know it, but first I needed to make sure it, and the lens I’d bought for it, simply worked. So, I loaded it all up and walked into our bedroom where our cat Stevie was napping. We joke that Stevie is our “wild child.” He was a rescue and has been a lovable little terror compared to our first cat (Roo). I crouched down by the side of our bed where he was sitting in a Sphinx pose and asked him, “Wanna pose for me?” Just like that, he rolled onto his side and I took my very first photograph with the friend I would come to call Sidney.


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