A Moment With Rose

AMomentWithRoseDuring a much anticipated summer trip to Yakima, Washington, my fiance brought me to this park near his parents’ home. As we stood on the bridge that overlooked this beautiful view, he shared a very personal memory with me about a spiritual moment of connection with someone he had lost years before. He and I stood on the bridge for a while in peaceful silence, and I couldn’t help but feel that there were three of us there in that moment.

One Comment on “A Moment With Rose

  1. One week and 6,000 miles later, I still don’t know what to feel.
    I listened to the CD you made me as I drove for hours,
    wanting to find a bottomless cliff that faced the setting sun
    so I could sit on the edge, looking into eternity and infinity
    to see you there, face to face one last time.
    Instead I watched the desert, sparsely scarred with roads.
    I parked in an oasis and walked to a still stream,
    dandelion seeds drifting slowly down in the warm breeze
    with the dimming sunlight slipping between the leaves.
    Yesterday would have been your 19th birthday.

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