foliageThe process is beautiful.

The Giving Trees

TheGivingTreesWhen you look down the rows of trees, you can watch the cycle of life happening right before your eyes.

Hello, Autumn


Mum’s The Word

_DSC0050These mums are my mother’s favorite color. So this one is dedicated to my mum 🙂

A Quiet Walk


Washington Sunset


A Moment With Rose

AMomentWithRoseDuring a much anticipated summer trip to Yakima, Washington, my fiance brought me to this park near his parents’ home. As we stood on the bridge that overlooked this beautiful view, he shared a very personal memory with me about a spiritual moment of connection with someone he had lost years before. He and I stood on the bridge for a while in peaceful silence, and I couldn’t help but feel that there were three of us there in that moment.